Sunday, 2 June 2013

Orwell's 1984, What Has Come True?

The only thing Orwell got wrong was the date? Wrong!

Just reread my mother's copy of's some things George predicted (he had insider contacts through his friend Huxley according to some)..the date 1984 was actually a provisional one in the book, Orwell never stated that was the real date, Winston isn't sure of the actual year, the only date Orwell says for sure is will take this long for Newspeak to make Thoughtcrime impossible by changing the language we think with...Winston used the 9th edition of Newspeak and the 11th was used by Brian the insider and Winston's eventual torturer...a reference to 9/11 changing how we think? Anyway that's tenuous. Here are some of the things George predicted..

What he predicted- Newspeak - What we got - dumbing down, text speak, political correctness.
War is Peace - We got continual warfare.
Metal TV's that Watch You, 3D images - We got face recognition flat screen TV's with 3D
Government of Oceania attacking population itself - We got false flag terrorism
Fossilised Science - We got no true advance in mainstream science
Common sense as heresy - We got people who believe the media theories rather than their own senses
Anti-sex league coupled with porn - We got removal of love from sexuality
Triumph of Lottery style enetertainent
Demise of the pint and Imperial - We got EU metrification.
Music composed by Versificator - We got Machine-like music and manipulation of the charts by big biz.
Terrorist groups as a front for government (The Brotherhood)