Monday, 11 June 2012

Evolution - Is it what it appears?

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Evolution, Is it what it appears?

Charles Darwin's grandson was the first person who coined that lovely phrase 'useless eaters' to describe those that our lovely elite see as surplus to requirements (all 6.5 billion of us according to various documents). Perhaps he was inspired by his illustrious predecessor, Charlie. Most people, especially atheists, and on any part of the political spectrum, view Charles Darwin as a great scientist. I view him as a great leader – a religious one, the esteemed founder of Religious Fascism. I have this belief as fascism, in order to become entrenched (through the back-door) within our societies, needs a 'rational/scientific' basis – one that appeals both to the left and right wing of the traditional political system. 'Survival of the Fittest' and 'Gradual Evolution' is just such a 'theory' I believe.

Firstly the theory is just plain wrong. Nature is not a survival of the fittest game-show put on by chance within a merciless universe (‘See even the universe is fascist!’ one could hear the system defenders shriek if they were honest with themselves). The more a natural system degrades and dies the more those within it will fight for their survival (at the expense of their fellow creatures). But a natural, abundant and healthy eco-system is predominantly cooperative. Even a single cell is a cooperative. As is an organism, As is an eco-system – even between predator and prey.

'Ahhh but...' I can hear the rationalists say, 'evolution explains life perfectly'. No it doesn't. It isn't even a scientific theory, its a religious ideology. The theory of evolution is not scientifically testable so it cannot be called a scientific theory.

'Ahh but, it is still the best explanation we have of how life-forms came about'. No it's not, its one of the best kept deceptions. The idea of gradual physical evolution does not accord with the evidence. Great drafts of life-forms suddenly appear in the fossil record which the book Forbidden Archeology explains in great depth. Also it details how the keepers of the illusion – so-called scientists, will stop at nothing to maintain their position by falsifying or ignoring data that doesn't fit. Modern human skeletons have been found in much earlier strata than is conventionally believed for example. Such evidence is always whitewashed or ignored. Others argue that structures such as highly evolved eyes would be hard to evolve by chance selection. It is also strange to me how some creatures will evolve into whole families of other creatures in a relatively short time period, for example, all mammals having a common ancestor. Yet other creatures, like the crocodile,  stay exactly the same for millennia after millennia. Its an unadulterated fairytale.

 A dog can 'evolve' until its the size of a small horse if the conditions are right or its bred for that characteristic. However, I bet we won't get a giraffe, or a kangaroo from a horse however long we wait or breed. We are also led to believe that all this life came about through chance – a first cell was miraculously created by accident. Again pure fantasy. There is not enough time in the whole universe for a bunch of monkeys to write Shakespeare's stories or for a single cell to be created by chance. A cell is a highly complex cooperative of thousands of specialised mini-organs. No way that just happened. Besides which conventional science is barking up the wrong tree – the cell is not the first form of life in any case, the bion is. The bion can be created from any matter that is subjected to high heat within a water solution – a posh way of saying cooked. I have seen bions being created from super-heated totally sterile carbon – there is plenty of documentary and peer-reviewed journal evidence for them. See my Reich Bibliography for an introduction to bions. So matter is inherently life-creative. All you need for life to start is matter, water and heat. Some students of bions have observed different species of micro-organism emerging from within each other. Perhaps this is partly how organisms appear. I have no idea to be honest, I just feel the gradual evolution ideology is incorrect, both intuitively and from the evidence. The universe is a massive life-womb. Exactly how creatures appear I don't know.

So how does all of this equate to fascism? In order to impose an unnatural state of affairs, a top-down centralised, elite lording it over a subdued, mind-controlled world-wide mass of people one needs an unnatural set of beliefs to back it up. Most beliefs stem from personal and societal philosophies. Gradual evolution is one central philosophy of western society. A cornerstone of our beliefs is that life works according to vicious hierarchies. This means that it’s right that the most powerful, aggressive and vicious people should control society. Evolution, as Darwin saw it condones the survival of the most aggressive and domineering psychopaths. In fact, pathology it is a useful trait. The most aggressive individuals will rise to the top and help keep society divided and alienated. Divide and rule subdues the masses. It also distracts the masses who have to struggle just to survive – no time to think, got to earn my crust. Again, life should be a struggle to survive – that is how nature works according to evolutionary theory. As long as the masses are struggling to survive they won't have time or energy to reflect on their dire situation.

Darwin's theories also condone conforming to the norm. The pack mentality, is another useful way of surviving the dog-eat-dog brutality of nature. So unthinking obedience to the group is condoned. That could just be useful to our new world order elite.

Lastly, evolution emphasises that the physical world is all there is, life is just a random materialistic event that scientists can unravel fully for us. So, this keeps our new religion, Scientism, and its white coated high priests safe lording it over us in their cushy jobs and positions of authority.