Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More on Money Soon - For Now - How to Write for the Observer

Rather than waste precious time writing individual articles for the Observer I've put together a generic article that just about covers all their 'human interest' articles...

'Here we are in South Africa discussing women's rights. What out expert in the field tell us is that women need more chemo-therapy based anti-retro-viral drugs to poison their HIV babies and lots more brainwashing to fight the spectre of global warming. The stuff about Africans suffering because of real stuff like, unclean water, lack of sewerage, shelter, food and jobs has been proven wrong by our neo-liberal/Marxist liberation of the country from apartheid.'

(Editors note to journalist - don't ever mention that many in the third world are still struggling to pay off the debts of genocidal or racist regimes whilst their countries infra-structure is being used to prop up international banking and global cartel profits rather than to benefit the poor - just mention HIV and global warming - even though the planet is getting colder, our readers won't notice.)

Sorry if I am being unfair to the Observer, they do publish some good stuff, I try and read the leftist brainwashing one week and then the rightist the next.

The article in last Sunday's paper that was joking about how the EU rules on equalising insurance was good was just pure tripe though.