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Orgone Theory of Good and Evil - Synopsis of Orgone Directional Thesis

Orgone Theory of Good and Evil

'Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil.'

Genesis Chapter 3

‘This greatest riddle in nature’

Reich (referring to consciousness) in Character Analysis

Orgone Directional Thesis

Spirit-Energy-Matter (orgone, creativity, goodness) -->

<-- Matter-Energy-Spirit (oranur, destruction, evil)

This is a very condensed version of a 9000 word essay that has been developing for years and doesn't really give the implications and the subtleties justice. It is here just to give a rough overview or reminder of the topics - the full essay is here

There appears to be only one cosmic force - the creative life-force, orgone. This force can have a destructive side too, if irritated by nuclear or electrical energy. This destructive aspect of orgone is called oranur or DOR. So this singular force has a dual nature, orgone which is a creative and good aspect and oranur which is destructive and evil aspect.

But.....If there is only one cosmic force, why does evil exist at all?

I proposed previously that orgone has consciousness and that it has spirit, energy and matter aspects. I define spirit as physical consciousness. (See the Orgone Continuum).

The Orgone Directional Thesis solves the problem of the existence of evil by proposing that goodness is a directional process of the cosmic force from Spirit to Energy to Matter. Healthy Bions, orgone energy, creativity and sexuality all travel in this direction. 

Evil is a directional process of the cosmic force in the opposite direction from Matter to Energy to Spirit. T-bacilli negative bions, destruction and oranur energy all travel in this direction.

There are two previous theories which could be used to develop an orgonomic theory of good and evil which I call the Desert Thesis and the Oranur Thesis. Both these theories can be contained within the Directional Thesis.

In the Desert Thesis there is destruction and desertification of the life environment caused by lack of water (Matter). The environment becomes dominated by a hostile energy - oranur/DOR (Energy). This causes societal armouring - muscular and character defences against trauma (Spirit). This desert process is a Matter-Energy-Spirit direction - evil.

In the Oranur Thesis it is assumed that the oranur energy has consciousness so this represents evil directly. Orgone energy is the creative aspect of orgone and I believe it also has consciousness or 'Spirit'. So this represents goodness directly. Orgone creates energy and then matter so Spirit-Energy-Matter - goodness. 

Oranur is also conscious I believe and is created from the destruction or overcharge of matter (nuclear or electrical) interacting with orgone. The destruction of matter creates oranur energy which is then consumed at a conscious or spirit level so Matter-Energy-Spirit - evil.

Good and evil are states of consciousness which manifest either as a creative outburst from Spirit into Energy and then Matter (goodness) or as a destructive consumption from Matter to Energy to Spirit (evil). The causation of good and evil lies within consciousness (but outside of time) as a creator from spirit into energy and then matter (in goodness) or as a consumer of matter becoming energy and then into spirit (evil).

Good and evil originate in consciousness and are natural aspects of a singular cosmic force. They are separate to any human institution or thought system. Good and evil are innate and natural but humanity has overcome nature's normal boundaries creating our current terrible situation of inordinate suffering for ourselves and nature. Good and evil in nature are contained, in humanity it is not. Our situation is a question of quantity rather than quality therefore. It also implies that we cannot take refuge in any human system - as any system can be made to work for good or evil depending on the consciousness of those within it. However some philosophies will bring us closer or further away from the truth of how the universe works and therefore encourage good or evil. So systems and philosophies are not neutral. Also a philosophy may have good or evil intentions. However, in the final analysis a good system can be made to create evil and even an evil system may eventually create good depending on the consciousness of those within it.

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Orgonomic Economics - Biological Economics for Dummies!

Biological Economics

In our society we swap and buy each others services and goods using a virtual system of debt - in other words money. There is no virtual system of debt in nature. How does nature do its economics?

Nature uses membranes.

Membranes within membranes.

Within the first membrane - the cell outer wall, everything is exchanged for free, However movement beyond the first membrane is controlled.

Within the second set of membranes - the body organ, everything is still exchanged for free but in a more limited way again.

And so on. So nature swaps and receives energy for free within increasing sets of membranes that restrict that freedom. 

I compare the individual to an organelle within a cell, and then expand outwards through the organs and the body to the ecosystem. Everything is free but contained. So, biologically, everything exists within cooperatives that are within bigger cooperatives.

Nature's economics also operate according to three principles:

1. Membranes (free movement within, restricted without - first guiding principle).

2. Cooperation (all cells and organs and ecosystems cooperate as their second guiding principle).

3. Pulsation (nature is bounteous but it doesn't continually grow, it maintains a balance - homeostasis, through pulsation).

This really doesn't do the full essay justice, the full essay is some 7000 words, illustrated throughout and has a detailed exploration of what money really is in the introduction. It has been some years in the creation so enjoy and hope it helps a bit :-)

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Synopsis of The Orgone Continuum



Part 1 - Orgone & Non-locality.

By Leon Southgate



The Three Part Orgone Continuum 

So, in a nutshell...

How does orgone, or life-force*, relate to consciousness? This was the question that I wanted to answer.

Consciousness cannot be an energy as it has non-local and non-time aspects (for example, non-local as in remote viewing and distant healing and non-time as in precognition).

In order to understand how orgone relates to consciousness I have outlined that orgone may actually be a 3 part continuum (and not merely an energy). 

This continuum comprises Spirit, Energy & Matter. 

Now orgone's compatibility with psychic, spirit and other consciousness type phenomena can be comprehended.

The primary aspect of orgone is physical consciousness or 'Spirit' which gives rise to 'Energy' which in turn creates 'Matter'.

Preliminary Evidence:

Acupuncture has non-local effects (channels and points that affect distant locations, 'holographic' maps of body on hand and so on).

Distance healing, reflexology, Mesmerism (two people when connected in a trance immediately pick up each others body sensations) all evidence a non-local and conscious aspect of life-force.

Psychiatric orgone therapy was shown to displace a Random Event Generator machine, indicating that possible orgone flows associated with emotion may have been 'ordering' the machine's random output (Blasband).

Conclusion & Further Work:

Although there is a lot of good evidence to say that consciousness can affect reality directly the degree of the effect is small (as I would expect from my theory). So in order to ascertain if orgone is conscious one could perhaps begin by seeing if orgone can affect a Random Event Generator (as these have appeared to be affected by consciousness in many experiments). One would also need a large and moving orgone field - a static non-moving field not being likely to be strong enough to overcome the small effect between the different parts of the continuum. Further experiments might be needed as even if this was successful it would only indicate that orgone and intention/emotion may have equivalent effects upon the REG apparatus (in consciousness experiments REG machines have been found to be affected by intention, emotions and other changes in groups of people).

I'm not going to tell you what this photo is or why I've included it. Just go and read the whole essay and you'll find out :-)

*I now refer to orgone,as a life-force rather than a life-energy because it also has properties which are beyond energy I believe.

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The Orgone Motor

You can measure life-force in an apple, so why shouldn't you run a motor off it? There was a film in existence of the original devices which I have the journal references see my 'Reich Biblio' Review Number 375 or Journal of Orgonomy V11 N1 1977 pp28). 

I have since found an excellent film available on the net which shows working orgone motors at just past 18.30 minutes. It is a very good general introductory film to orgonomy as well and I would recommend viewing it in full.

The above shows a spinning device in the glass ball being spun from orgone collected from the atmosphere.

This shows a spinning device being spun from the orgone from Reich's hand.

I've noticed for some time now how most of the breakthrough energy/devices that are documented, work on the same, or similar principles. Although everyone seems to have a different theory for why they work, for me it all seems to boil down to tapping into the life-force. Richard Hall of believes they may be tapping into the quantum vacuum. Orgonomy however has demonstrated that orgone charged vacuum tubes glow bright blue when highly charged with orgone and excited by the presence of an orgone system - such as a hand.

So the 'vacuum' of space contains a physical energy. This also leads me into a discussion of 'space' and how space itself is ignored in mainstream physics and replaced with a nothingness (of course as this is simply untrue physics has to tie itself in knots to explain reality). The powers that be don't want people waking up to the power of the underlying force-field in which we live. Hence anything that might lead people in this direction such as how the speed of light is changeable due to travelling through the aether (see the superb light measuring science in Miller's work) or gravitational constants being changeable (see Sheldrake's talks), the existence of so-called breakthrough energy or over-unity devices and lastly UFO's (because of their propulsion systems) are so thoroughly hidden and destroyed.

There is an increasing number of people coming forward with claims of motor substantiation, many may well be functional. The principle with all of them appears to be that a conventional power source builds a momentum and then the engine is switched to an 'ambient' source which then runs the engine without friction or heat and without more conventional 'energy' input needed. These devices are all taping into the life-force/energy field that exists below the world of matter I believe. That is perhaps why they behave similarly. Incidentally, Reich built a number of orgone motors and one may have gone to the USSR with a colleague of Reich's who disappeared (someone nicked it, but it could of been anyone I guess). Reich never disclosed the 'Y Factor' component of the orgone motor but I feel it might be related to the tauroidal shape function that has been mentioned in relation to these types of devices...

Breakthrough energy is one term used these days, . Richard Hall prefers the older term 'Over Unity' Devices. He is currently running a research project into these devices so if you are interested please contact him, he is a dedicated and honest guy judging from his long track record of research and films.

James Demeo has summarised the main information we have on the orgone motor in an article in Pulse of the Planet Journal Number 5

The Correa's claimed to have reproduced the orgone motor in the late 1990s/early century but after initial enthusiasm failed to demonstrate it to Dr Demeo's satisfaction. I personally do not know enough about it to comment either way. Here is their website:

The following quotations are from my Reich Literature Review and represent what we know for sure about the Reich motor (A Cross-indexed Synopsis of the Main Post-Reich Journals from 1957). .The numbers refer to the Review Entry and the page number of the quoted article. See here for links to the full work:

28) 83

Reich felt that due to reasons of national security some of his evidence could not be divulged to court (this is felt to relate at least partly to the orgone motor). He hinted that his assistant William Washington had disappeared probably to the USSR with two of Reich’s orgone motors.

52) 61

Reference to Vacor Tubes and the (undisclosed) Y Function in Reich’s court appeal. The information regarding the orgone motor in the appeal document is summarised as follows:
‘The motor forces were discovered through observing an orgone charged Geiger Muller counter, a number of orgone charged vacuum tubes are used, speed can be regulated and depends partly on the number of vacuum tubes, weather and the undisclosed ‘Y Function’.

The motor force can be transmitted through an activated electronic amplifier. A 32 scaler Geiger
Muller counter registered 200,000 impulses per minute during its use. (as witnessed by Dr Blasband).

54) 31

Reference to Mills and Orgone Motor (Peter Mills, an attorney had signed an affidavit regarding
Reich’s orgone motor. Mills was later coerced into prosecuting Reich in a strange legal choice of the

59) 42

Reich said that the Cloudbuster and the Spacegun are like twin brothers to the Orgone motor. The
Orgone motor is the Common Functioning Principle of the two devices.
(Space-gun is a cloud-buster with some 'de-naturalised' orgone-treated radioactive material used to
ground it. This material is called ORUR (ORgone URanium). It can be dangerous to produce.

145) 103

Reich explains how the orgone motor’s functioning was arrived at through a years’ work simplifying the orgone reaction of the Gieger-Muller (GM) counter (changes in background count at the GM counter when orgone charged). It was a continual process of discarding extraneous aspects not adding unneeded ones like simply increasing voltages. (A Geiger Muller counts radioactive ‘pips’ giving the radioactive background levels of an environment).

341) 165

William Washington-July-August, 1949. Was being paid $100 monthly to investigate the orgone motor whilst at Harvard. He is said to have disappeared with 2 motors. He spoke to Reich and Sharaf on phone but was vague in manner but claimed he had been abducted into custody. FBI never replied to missing report.  He was never found.

375) 28

Film of orgone motor. 25v electric motor ran on 1/2v electricity, noiseless, fast, sudden changes in
direction, affected by weather. (Reich first discovered motor function through observing the reaction of Geiger Muller counter to orgone energy).

Set up

Vacor tubes x5 set up in series connected to a small ORAC and transformer all of which were connected to a 25v motor. Vacor tubes are vacuum tubes soaked in orgone for 6 weeks. They glow brilliant blue with 300v electrical current. Reich took away the vacor tubes one by one and the motor continued running. The motor when running on electricity runs noisy. On orgone power was smooth and noiseless plus much faster.

417) 215

Orgone motor - charge may be able to transform into electrical impulse which in turn can be transformed into mechanical momentum. For example a high orgone charge in the vacor tube (excited by electricity) can be transformed into electrical impulse via the discharge process. This electrical impulse can then be transformed into mechanical work.

Static electricity would also represent mechanical impulse or friction being converted into charge.

1010) 19

Reich, in his court address said that all disease originates from DOR. Removing DOR from organism and environment is fighting disease at its roots. Reich also mentions 'positive gravity' 'counter gravity' and that the space-gun and cloudbuster are twin brothers.

The space-gun and cloudbuster are the variations and the orgone motor is the CFP (mentioned elsewhere). (My note - CFP is the Common Functioning Principle, a kind of material dialecticism in reverse! Instead of two opposing functions synthesising into a third new function - dialeticism which goes toward a future state, in Reich's CFP you go backwards from two opposite functions to find their common principle, a process which goes backwards toward the past and which reveals the root functioning.)

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Consciousness or Spirit?

Consciousness or Spirit?

(This essay can be read on its own but will make more sense if read following the background work on a life-force conception of consciousness in my essays section

Common definitions of consciousness include aspects of perception, awareness, cognition, thoughts, self-awareness and so on. As with the view of the perceiving self as the ‘ghost’ in the ‘machine’ of the body, consciousness is seen as something that can have a separate existence to the body or more widely speaking, to the environment. However, in the last essay in this series I explored how the physical universe can be seen in three levels – Level 3 – the digital, material existence of matter which is transcended by Level 2 – the analogue, energetic existence of life-energy which in turn is transcended by Level 1 – the physical but timeless, energy-less, conscious existence of a spirit-force. We argued that as all three levels intercommunicate they must fundamentally be of the same essence. Further, as Level 3 depends on Level 2 and Level 2 on Level 1 the ultimate nature, or reality of things is described by Level 1 phenomena – a spirit-force. (However, I still view Level 1 and 2 as real but in a different, more casual sense).

I define ‘spirit’ somewhat differently than some might – seeing an infinite force-field that is physical but not made of matter. In fact I also define consciousness as physical (but again not necessarily material) because consciousness cannot exist without a ‘body’. Let’s say a person has shuffled off his mortal coil and has no material body. This person, it would not be unreasonable to surmise might still have awareness of their own perceiving self (near-death and reincarnation studies would support this view, see 'The Field' for good synopsis). Let us just say that this person is completely free of any environment of which to perceive, if this person still exists it would have some awareness of itself, however dim. So this materially disembodied point-of-perception senses to some degree its own perceiving self. These perceptions have a degree of lawfulness and continuity because of the continuity of the perceiving self. Therefore even an entity alone, without a material body would create a ‘body’ of some sort due merely to its own existence. Therefore pure 'consciousness' cannot exist separate from a body. It follows that the two existences, body and consciousness are in fact the same thing. A conscious body is another way of saying a physical ‘spirit’ or as I prefer to call it a ‘spirit-force’ or ‘life-force’ (the latter term I define a little more exactly as a physical, conscious spirit which can give rise to life-energy which in turn gives rise to matter and living matter). The upshot of this is it is meaningless to talk about consciousness as if it exists separate to ‘body’ (I define body in the wider sense as an environment). So the further implication is that ‘pure’ consciousness is, as has been argued by many, impossible to define or talk usefully about. This is because it is an incomplete definition (as are perhaps all definitions but that is another argument). Anyway, a spirit-force is I believe a useful description. It is testable, allowing of scientific investigation and conforms to what we experience in the real world, especially now that materialism is widely discredited.

There are many examples that indicate we need a new paradigm. We have evidence that consciousness directly affects the material world (Random Event Generation, Quantum phenomena, Psi-Studies and so on) but we also know that the dualistic ‘Ghost’ (mind) driving the ‘Machine’ (body) is unworkable as what can possibly connect the two? (We are either all ‘Ghost’ or all ‘Machine’). But this model explains what we actually experience and feel to be true. Sometimes when the ‘mind’ (Level 1 phenomena) is overt enough we can see it directly affects matter (Level 3 phenomena). Or in other words, ‘mind’ (Level 1) is so strong it has bypassed the Level 2 phenomena of energetic interactions to directly move matter or Level 3 phenomena. So this would explain the miraculous cures, the shamans who appear to move matter with their minds and the placebo effect. It would also explain why we can’t all do it consistently at the present (it’s hard for Level 1 phenomena to break through directly into Level 3 phenomena). This model would also explain why when more people gather together (higher levels of Level 2 phenomena – energy/life-energy) there is in turn ‘higher’ levels of ‘consciousness’ (Level 1 phenomena). Level 2 phenomena (energy/life-energy) enables closer interaction with the spirit/consciousness that lies directly below it. Examples of this can be found when a group meditates or prays together, in energetically aligned buildings, when strong emotions ripple through a football crowd, or when world events take a REG machine out of random computation.
So to conclude, it appears that there is no such thing as a pure disembodied consciousness but that there is ultimately only a physical spirit-force and its temporary variants, energy and matter. The reason I believe this is important is scientific. The possible existence of a conscious spirit-force can be directly investigated.

(The above picture by Henri Rousseau, my favourite artist, captures some of the identity of spirit and body. Incidentally, not sure if it is just me but not many people have noticed that there are the 'ghosts' of faces in the water jug on the right hand side of the picture-its not easy to see them).

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Mesmer, Reich and Mechanical-ness

In my recent reading I came across a new compound word. I like 'mechanical-ness' very much as a verb. Sometimes you see a person who is caught up in the system and you can predict their behaviour because they are following a programme. I like the word because it conveys both Mesmer and Reich's ideas on armouring. I also think a description I've heard of a 'computerised' society is very accurate. See here for further articles. This got me thinking about an observation I've made - every successful holistic practitioner appears to share something in common: they do a good deal of meditational work every day. Which is putting them in touch with 'presence', (in Mesmerism) or the 'force' (in Star Wars!) or being 'in contact' (Reich). The Mesmeric idea of presence, or Reich's conception of 'contact' is indeed at the foundation of successful medicine. Perhaps this is why no particular psychotherapy has ever come out on top - because it is the 'contactfulness' of the practitioner that is key rather than their theoretical background perhaps. On that note, I also must remark that sometimes orgone psychotherapists might consider that dearmouring is a continual lifelong process, especially in a society as armoured as our own. So even if a practitioner has done a deep and thorough dearmouring on themselves over the years they might still need to dearmour segments, every day even. This latter issue is something which Yoga emphasises well. Practically speaking there is much in common between yogic movement and breath work and the physical side of orgone psychotherapy. But before any orgonomic purists get upset let me point out that orgonomy emphasises the sexual stuckness and that I am not advocating a fusion of the two practices. Some pictures to illustrate mechanical-ness and the computerised society....

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Reich and Mesmer - Orgonomy Journal Notes

Been looking through my Reich bibliography and rereading the articles on Mesmer and Reich. As the journals are not that easy to get hold of I thought I would post some notes here...

Numbered Notes from my Reich Biblio on Mesmer and Reich, see here for full Biblio:


Other devices using ORAC (orgone accumulator) type layering:-

·         Atomic Piles (carbon/uranium)
·         Leydon Jars (glass/metal)
·         Mesmer's Baquet (charged water/stones/metal)

See also Demeo's notes on celestial influences upon above devices.


Author notes that Mesmer, who discovered many aspects of life energy, was also awareof muscular armouring.


Mesmer’s human dor-buster (healing hand-passes with one foot in a water-bucket, transforming the healer’s body into an ‘orgone’ conduit similar to Reich’s medical dor-buster). A DOR-buster is a tube device grounded into flowing water for removing negative orgone from an organism.


Attack on animal magnetism in France was very similar to that on orgonomy (although that was in a later century and in the USA).

  • There was a refusal to honestly examine the evidence (Mesmer pleaded for a commission). (The FDA’s examination of Reich’s work was profoundly dishonest and unscientific).

  • Mesmer himself was excluded from any ‘investigations’. (Reich was also excluded from the FDA ‘investigations’ and the FDA scientists did not read his work or try and repeat his experiments).

  • Attacks on Mesmer were initiated by someone posing as a friend. (The attack on Reich was initiated by a journalist posing as friendly toward orgonomy).

  • Quack official investigation followed which simply pronounced animal magnetism doesn’t exist. (The FDA simply pronounced orgone doesn’t exist without honest scientific proof and without repeating his actual experiments).

  • Enormous effort was expended denouncing animal magnetism world-wide (very expensive printed report circulated widely. (The FDA spent the majority of its budget for part of the 1950s persecuting one doctor and to destroy just 300 orgone boxes).


Mesmer's 'bacquet' was a large wooden tub in which bottles fillled with water or iron fillings were placed. The water had been 'magnetised' or healed. Attached to the bottles were metallic rods and flexible cords which were held by the persons surrounding the bacquet. Their free hand would be connected to each other. Thus the bacquet transmitted energy and connected energy at the same time using metal's ability to transmit life-energy. It has aspects of both the Medical Dorbuster and the ORAC (ORAC is short for Orgone Accumulator Cabinet).

Both men began by examining biological functions and electricity/magnetism but concluded that there was an additional force to electromagnetism at work in organisms and the environment. Mesmer's work has the following in common with the orgonomic view -

 A universal fluid can be intensified and it;

Ÿ  Fills all space
Ÿ  Penetrates all matter
Ÿ  Can be stored or conducted
Ÿ  Is associated with the nervous system
Ÿ  Mesmer’s bacquet can be charged with the universal fluid (Reich’s ORAC does the same).
Ÿ  A loss of muscular irritablity (Mesmer) is similar to muscle armouring (Reich)
Ÿ  Sudden release of this muscular holding and energy blockage (irritability/armouring) leads to profound crisis and then healing (and can need management due to possible medical crisis).
Ÿ  Health is wholeness.
Ÿ  Both views argue for the unhindered development of children

Some specific quotes:

‘Emotional Plague v. Animal Magnetism’, Jerome Eden (1967) Journal of Orgonomy Vol1 Num1&2 pp172)

From pp175:

“Grounded as he was in his postulation of a universal fluid, Mesmer considered every disease process to be nothing more than a disturbance or disequilibrium of the universal fluid of the body. In searching for the cause of this disequilibrium, he arrived at the conclusion that it was always the muscular fibre which, being either chronically contracted or expanded (or because of its inability to expand or contract at all), impeded the normal flow of the universal fluid. Mesmer therefore sought for the means whereby 1) the patient’s universal fluid might be increased sufficiently so that it could ‘overthrow the cause of the malady,’ or 2) the impeding muscular fibre might be restored to its normal condition of elasticity.”

From pp178:

“In order to accommodate the scores of patients who flocked daily to his clinic, Mesmer invented a simple structure for ‘accumulating’ the universal fluid and applying it directly to several patients simultaneously. He called this device a ‘baquet’ or tub. Essentially, it consisted of a large, covered wooden tub filled with glass bottles. In the ‘wet’ baquet,’ the bottles were filled with water and iron filings. Small iron rods protruded through the cork of each bottle. These small iron rods were connected by larger, flexible iron rods that emerged through holes in the lid of the baquet. The flexible rods were held by the encircling patients. Also, in the wet baquet, water and iron filings were added to the tub itself. In the ‘dry baquet,’ sand and iron filings were used. Individual baquets, or ‘magnetic boxes,’ were constructed for patients who were not ambulatory.

Those familiar with Wilhelm Reich’s discovery of orgone energy and his invention of the orgone energy accumulator and the DOR—buster can readily understand the basic similarities here.”

From pp180: The quack ‘investigation’ of Mesmer:-

“Twenty thousand copies of this voluminous report were printed and distributed throughout the world. (This in the days of hand typesetting and hand press demonstrates the incredible effort employed to obliterate a ‘non-existent’ discovery.) At the same time, however, a secret report was drawn up by the commission and presented to Louis XVI-its subject; the dangerous moral aspects of animal magnetism.”

‘Mesmer, Reich and the Living Process’, Marc Shapiro (1965) The Creative Process, Vol4, Num2.

From pp64:

‘The great common discovery underlying the work of Mesmer and Reich is PULSATION. Pulsation is the main action (called intensification and remission by Mesmer, expansion and contraction by Reich) of what Mesmer called the ‘Universal Fluid.’ This Universal Fluid, like Reich’s orgone energy, filled all space and was the agency of all movement.’

From pp65:

‘This question brings us to the most remarkable and significant relation of Mesmer’s work to Reich’s, for Mesmer discovered muscular armouring.’

‘This could be seen in breathing which Mesmer called the ‘universal expression’ of the Fluid.’

‘However, Mesmer not only passed his hands over the body; he actually pressed the chronically disturbed muscles in order to bring them back to irritability.’ (My note: this is the same process as in the physical side of orgone psychotherapy: pressing on the stuck muscle whilst breathing).

From pp66:

‘The muscular spasms, the strange sensations of movement within the organism, the trembling and the convulsive movements are all typical effects observed within orgone therapy. It goes without saying that this is not all of what happens in orgone therapy – but neither, I believe, does it fully describe Mesmer’s treatment. Mesmer describes people sitting around the famous bacquet having sudden outbreaks of laughter, anger or weeping. From the descriptions of Mesmer by his contempories, from his writings and from his general attitude toward life as shown in these writings, I feel he had a strong sense of contact with the patients he was treating, a sense of his own moving energy mingling with theirs.’

From pp67:

‘Mesmer and Reich both believed that the functions of the living organism were the expression of a cosmic process. Mesmer stated what amounts to an early view of self-regulation.’ (My note: Reich believed that healthy children were not truly known in our armoured, sick society but that we should attempt to study what health in childhood constitutes and that children should be free to express themselves safely without undue interference from adults, apart from loving care. Mesmer believed children should be ‘unimpeded’ and would naturally find his own ‘development and instruction’ if given freedom to express movement. Like Reich he believed children should be surrounded by children of their own age without overt adult interference and that infants should be immersed in the contact of their mothers. Both believed education should follow natural principles and follow the child. Mesmer believed children should not be taught words till later in childhood (6 or 7) according to this article.

Article also notes that both men believed that the true perception of the universal force was often hidden within distortions of mysticism and religion but not that these things are in themselves untrue. Reich would say that ‘everyone is right in some way’.

From pp69:

Table of Correspondences


1. Universal Fluid, (Intensification and Remission, Fills All Space, Penetrates All Matter, Carried by Nerves, Can Be Stored, Conducted)

2. Baquet, (Becomes charged with universal energy, employed therapeutically).

3. Loss of Muscular Irritability

4. Health is Wholeness

5. Unhindered Development of Children


1. Orgone Energy, (Expansion and Contraction, Fills All Space, Penetrates All Matter, Carried by Nerves, Can Be Stored, Conducted).

2. Orgone Energy Accumulator, (Becomes charged with universal energy, employed therapeutically).

3. Armouring

4. Health is Wholeness

5. Self-regulation

An extra note that has just reminded itself to me is the following: both Mesmer and Reich used iron or iron-based metal to attract the 'force' and water to 'ground' it. Also Oriental medicine uses iron-based metal (steel needles) to attract or disperse qi. It is not a coincidence because it is simply the same 'force' functioning in similar ways...

One of Mesmer's Original Baquets

A Medical DOR-Buster 
(tubes grounded into moving water)

An Orgone Accumulator Cabinet

My Orgone Cabinet