Sunday, 13 February 2011

Ever wondered how money really works?

Here is my new blog in which I'll endeavour to provide a little something to upset everyone, even myself! So there! I've been thinking a lot about politics and money recently so instead of my preferred topics; life-force (orgone/acupuncture and so on), spiritual entities, multi-dimensionality, ETs, government and corporate lying addictions and the general upside-down-ness of just about everything in this world, I'll start off with a topic close (or not so close) to everyone's pockets...

I've been watching a documentary on Sky Ch. 201 (some great stuff there) an alternative money history. See or by Bill Still. I am also trying to develop a 'biological' view of money of my own. I believe our economic views are very 'armoured' and 'mechanical'. So what follows is a bit of my interpretation and a lot of what I saw in the documentary, hopefully condensed somewhat.

First, some of my own views on money. There is actually nothing very mysterious about money. It is just virtual energy. The closest I've got so far to a biological view of money is that its like blood. Blood travels around the body distributing vital nutrients and imparting energy charge. Blood is actually a highly charged liquid from a Reich/Chinese medical/life-force perspective. Blood gives this 'charge' out freely to all the little cells and organs it meets. Its not stingy. It doesn't say, 'Nah, you can't have any today'. The Liver doesn't say 'I am going to hang on to all this blood because I'm charging the Heart interest on it at 5% compound rate'. No, biological systems exchange freely within a border. So where you have productive people (which is my biological 'high-energy charge') and free exchange - within a border - you have great wealth. I've added the principle of a border, because without a border an organism can't exist. Hence some of the problems with globalism and its lack of borders. But more on that in another blog...

It doesn't matter what underpins money, gold or whatever, the only thing that matters is its quantity and its free flow (within a border). Whoever controls the quantity of money has absolute power over the flow of wealth in an economy. This is why gold-backed money is favoured by the rich. Control the quantity of gold and you control the quantity of money in circulation. England controlled gold in the 1800 and 1900s so it controlled America's gold-backed money then. The bank of England, a private bank, controlled America by sabotaging its debt-free money supply and bribing congress to demonetise silver (which was more plentiful than gold).

This gave the English gold-owners control of America's economy, which was getting out of hand - too powerful for the European banking elite's liking. According to Bill Still, in 1920s America, the Federal Reserve, the US version of the Bank of England, a private bank, actually created the depression on purpose by withdrawing money from circulation by a huge 33%. The US industrialists were creating so much wealth they would soon have no need of private bank loans, or debt-based money. Something had to be done.

But to go back in time..England was one of the first places (after Ancient Rome) to incorporate such a 'free' money system. King Henry in 1100 helped issue the Charter of Liberties and the Magna Carta, the basis of the US constitution. Tally sticks were a debt-free money system, one half of the stick was the 'root' and the other the 'stock' (hence our financial terms today). A branch was split and polished and the two unique halves were etched with notches for the amount of money. One side was kept by the lender and the other by the borrower.

England thus had one of the first debt-free, national money systems with a fast moving exchange and a productive, large population. So for 500 years we had debt-free money and a steady but booming economy that influenced the world. Then in 1664 the Bank of England regained control with its debt-money and within years we owed 75% of our wealth for the debt on war-bonds. Bonds are just government IOUs. All westernised nations now make money, not by issuing their own money like King Henry or President Lincoln but by issuing debt to private banks (bonds) which are then multiplied into circulation as debt - of the people to the banks.

The private banks control the level of money in our circulation, they are therefore the most powerful force in our economy. This is why governments tend to listen to banks rather than the people. I worked out that on my modest mortgage I am actually paying back double what I borrowed and spending 25% of my time working purely for the benefit of the banks. Another 25% of my time I work for a government that spends huge amounts on killing people in the Middle East but says we've all got to tighten our belts. Its sickening.

I've had enough of my blogging for today. More on money soon..