Saturday 14 September 2013

Micro-chloridians (or microchloridians) and search of the 'real thing'

I have talked about Star Wars and George Lucas having inside information and the connections between Reich, Mesmer, actual life-force and what George Lucas says. I was just watching Lego Star wars and found the proper name of the biological entity in Star Wars - midi-chlorians - they are exactly the same thing as Reich's bions only they have been given a 'mass consciousness' in the film, which is quite possible in my view. Reich discovered orgone through watching and measuring the life-force field given off by bions. They are about 2-8 microns in size, usually a blue spherical shape and have a strong force-field unless there is illness. They are the link between non-life and life. Here is a link from 'wookiepedia' and then a link for the 'real' thing, the first picture is from Star Wars, the second is the 'real' bion....

real thing...


  1. watch this:

  2. Thanks for the very interesting video link :-) It is rare to see Peter Reich talking like that. I'm not sure if I agree with Peter's apparent view that all or most of the sightings were secret experimental US planes. But certainly some of them may have been. One give away that has often struck me is how it would be a rudimentary UFO type craft that would have significant DOR exhaust (Reich's UFOs had more DOR exhaust than appears 'normal'). Unless those particular crafts had chosen to excrete more DOR. Reich was experimenting with the 'space-gun' (an energised cloudbuster sometimes pointed at UFOs).

  3. Please consider that the new tweet revelation by the Cia that the Ufo sightings during the '50s were U2, gives impetus to Peter's vision. In a new preface and notes to the italian edition of Peter Reich's Book of Dreams (UN LIBRO DEI SOGNI) this idea is developed and it seems debuking the entire Ufo movement. So while Star Wars is again with us, the fundamental question remains: are We alone in the universe?

    1. Hi Manfry, better late than never, I have this linked to an old email account and didn't see your comment until now! It may well been US controlled 'UFOs' that Peter REich saw and maybe the DOR exhaust is characteristic of a UFO 'in development' or even a U2 but I believe the reality of UFOs and non-terrestials is pretty much confirmed by high level military and governmental leaders as well as what I feel is quite overwhelming evidence. Canada's ex-defence minister, Paul Hellier?, is one of the many high ranking people in this 'soft disclosure' terms of orgonomy, in a living universe full of life-force it would be illogical for us to be alone...

  4. Talking about Wilhelm Reich, not Peter Reich. He was a scientist, not a conspiracy nut.