Sunday, 1 September 2013

Creationism, Mainstream science and the Big Bang - Religion in Disguise!

What unites radical right wing religious fundamentalists and left wing ideological atheists? both believe that the universe was created out of nothing and that the universe has no background life-force, is essentially empty and mechanical, apart from 'mind' or 'God'....but the science the religious right and the left atheists both claim is wrong...there is a dynamic aether that the Victorians believed in, there is a life-force as Mesmer and Reich stated and the Big Bang (creationism in disguise) is not actually supported by the evidence...or at least there would be a big debate if all the info were acknowledged. This astrophysicist was banned from using American telescopes...they didn't like what he was finding, so he had to go to a nutshell, the red shift is the way light changes as objects move away, it is used to argue that the universe is expanding after a Big Bang...but...the red shift is misinterpreted and uneven, young and old galaxies are next to each other and giving birth to each other, also the background noise of the universe could be from dark matter/orgone not the leftover from the Big Bang..anyhow see below...I've also been reading about how science can be argued to support the theistic viewpoint. Much of it I agree with but if you include the life-force you get a very different picture than the one many subscribe to, closer to the Native people's views. Anyway a short synopsis of the critique on darwinism, a theory in total disarray, to follow from that reading before too long...  

Just to add another thought - the other argument for the Big Bang and a created universe is the Second Law of Thermodynamics - that the universe's entropy (disorder) is always increasing. That matter is 'unwinding' toward a heat death (and that therefore, working backwards, the universe had a beginning at a finite point). This law is overturned by the existence of the orgone accumulator - it is negatively entropic, creating heat, energy without any observed input (what it is called the thermal anomaly or TO-T in orgonomy). 

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