Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Orgone & Consciousness

Long time no blog - the universe has been a poorer place. Anyway, forgive me for my long absence dear reader, whoever you are...

For a long time I have tried to reconcile the life-energy theories of Reich which explains organisms and physics very well (in my view) with a theory of consciousness.

Life-energy fails to explain non-local phenomena, timelessness and consciousness itself. Reich himself would veer between implying that orgone was 'conscious-in-itself' in which case orgone (if it is considered massless) would essentially be 'spirit'. On the other hand he sometimes implied the typical dualistic position that consciousness arises from the action of something else. Normally materialist scientists would say consciousness is an upshot, a  consequence, of matter-related energy movements. In orgonomy's dualism this is simply updated to say consciousness arises from the movement of life-energy within a membrane (I call this view within orgonomy the 'super-materialist' view of consciousness). Orgonomy's dualism is closer to the truth but still fails to explain consciousness. Consciousness is not bound by time or space (as has been evidenced in various experiments). Therefore consciousness cannot be explained by energy movements (energy/movement is bound within time). So non-locality, timelessness and consciousness itself are beyond life-energy theories.

For years I have been working on this problem and finally I feel I have come close to a solution possibly...
basically in this essay I split reality into three basic levels based on one source, Level 1 -Matter, Level 2 - Life-energy, Level 3 - Non-matter life-force/consciousness/spirit. The theory has implications for the view of 'spirit' and of 'energy'. It makes 'spirit' physical and matter immaterial! Anyway, it has changed my conceptions...see for yourself here if the fancy takes you! :-)


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