Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Orgonomic Economics - Biological Economics for Dummies!

Biological Economics

In our society we swap and buy each others services and goods using a virtual system of debt - in other words money. There is no virtual system of debt in nature. How does nature do its economics?

Nature uses membranes.

Membranes within membranes.

Within the first membrane - the cell outer wall, everything is exchanged for free, However movement beyond the first membrane is controlled.

Within the second set of membranes - the body organ, everything is still exchanged for free but in a more limited way again.

And so on. So nature swaps and receives energy for free within increasing sets of membranes that restrict that freedom. 

I compare the individual to an organelle within a cell, and then expand outwards through the organs and the body to the ecosystem. Everything is free but contained. So, biologically, everything exists within cooperatives that are within bigger cooperatives.

Nature's economics also operate according to three principles:

1. Membranes (free movement within, restricted without - first guiding principle).

2. Cooperation (all cells and organs and ecosystems cooperate as their second guiding principle).

3. Pulsation (nature is bounteous but it doesn't continually grow, it maintains a balance - homeostasis, through pulsation).

This really doesn't do the full essay justice, the full essay is some 7000 words, illustrated throughout and has a detailed exploration of what money really is in the introduction. It has been some years in the creation so enjoy and hope it helps a bit :-)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Synopsis of The Orgone Continuum



Part 1 - Orgone & Non-locality.

By Leon Southgate



The Three Part Orgone Continuum 

So, in a nutshell...

How does orgone, or life-force*, relate to consciousness? This was the question that I wanted to answer.

Consciousness cannot be an energy as it has non-local and non-time aspects (for example, non-local as in remote viewing and distant healing and non-time as in precognition).

In order to understand how orgone relates to consciousness I have outlined that orgone may actually be a 3 part continuum (and not merely an energy). 

This continuum comprises Spirit, Energy & Matter. 

Now orgone's compatibility with psychic, spirit and other consciousness type phenomena can be comprehended.

The primary aspect of orgone is physical consciousness or 'Spirit' which gives rise to 'Energy' which in turn creates 'Matter'.

Preliminary Evidence:

Acupuncture has non-local effects (channels and points that affect distant locations, 'holographic' maps of body on hand and so on).

Distance healing, reflexology, Mesmerism (two people when connected in a trance immediately pick up each others body sensations) all evidence a non-local and conscious aspect of life-force.

Psychiatric orgone therapy was shown to displace a Random Event Generator machine, indicating that possible orgone flows associated with emotion may have been 'ordering' the machine's random output (Blasband).

Conclusion & Further Work:

Although there is a lot of good evidence to say that consciousness can affect reality directly the degree of the effect is small (as I would expect from my theory). So in order to ascertain if orgone is conscious one could perhaps begin by seeing if orgone can affect a Random Event Generator (as these have appeared to be affected by consciousness in many experiments). One would also need a large and moving orgone field - a static non-moving field not being likely to be strong enough to overcome the small effect between the different parts of the continuum. Further experiments might be needed as even if this was successful it would only indicate that orgone and intention/emotion may have equivalent effects upon the REG apparatus (in consciousness experiments REG machines have been found to be affected by intention, emotions and other changes in groups of people).

I'm not going to tell you what this photo is or why I've included it. Just go and read the whole essay and you'll find out :-)

*I now refer to orgone,as a life-force rather than a life-energy because it also has properties which are beyond energy I believe.